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AMD 210917C75 expires in 99 days, In the money at $9.45 for 27856 contracts

it is US$26 million plus bet. will you bet on this trade?

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3 trades more than $10 millions in early lunch hour

Symbol Expire in days Volume OI .CVNA211217C280 190 7,000 0 .LAZR210716P35 36 9413 171 .TSLA220318P800 281 1115 290

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Introducing UOV Reports and Tracking System

assist traders to speed up the trading ideas search and decision making in real time with unusual options volume reports and tracking system

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Release Note: MoMo Stock Options Alert

2021-03-23, MoMo Stock Options Alert just released as version 1.0.1: Specifications:1.1. Track 27 selected symbols’ near term weekly options1.2. Starts with 5 minute time frame alerts related with trading volume and value combined1.3. The last 5 minute observations are highlighted in yellow background color, also with audio announcement2: Features and functions:2.1. At-The-Money, Out-The-money, etc, are […]

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