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Release note: UOV Reports officially available for public

Our UOV (unusual options volume) tracking system is available for public now. Every trading day, we have about 8 to 12 batches of options trading records published, in 4 major groups: SPX, ETF (major ETFS), Weekly, and Stock (all stocks except Weeklies), the color coded lists help subscribers to quickly navigate and pick those may […]

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Two underdogs: $ABNB, $UBER, when will they have their day(s)?

AirBnB and Uber, what are they doing? ready to go?

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AMD 210917C75 expires in 99 days, In the money at $9.45 for 27856 contracts

it is US$26 million plus bet. will you bet on this trade?

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3 trades more than $10 millions in early lunch hour

Symbol Expire in days Volume OI .CVNA211217C280 190 7,000 0 .LAZR210716P35 36 9413 171 .TSLA220318P800 281 1115 290

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$22 Billions bet accumulated on just this one strike that expires next week

with 69,090 open interests, today SPX210618C1000 has 1500 contracted traded before market closing, which is about US$500 million bet. the accumulated 69,090 OI, which equivalents $22 billions. Can you imagine that? Just one strike. details and more, please see:

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