About Us

Started decades ago, triggered by the fascination and painful experiences on stock market speculation, with the software development background and various business ventures behind, it was clear that, in order to make market speculation an winning business, having a fully automated decision supporting system, ultimately a fully automated trading system, is right approach.

But, it was not easy to accomplish, it is not a small project (even just envisioning the whole system), most likely requires hundreds or even thousands of people: software engineers, database specialist, business analyst, administration, project management, you name them, as a team, to make that happen.

NOW, we package one subsystem, one part of real time market data ( in 1-minute to 5-minute time frame level) aggregation and observation, add a little algorithm and intelligence to interpret the data, provide you our alert services visually and audially, fully automated, without human opinion, so the services will be a “chalk boy” or sidekick, or market monitoring assistant for the active traders, moment traders, day traders, minute in, minute out, day in day out.

Save your time and brain power for better trading decision making.

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